BCSWTA Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for the three annual BCSWTA tournaments began in 2007. The main purpose was to provide higher-quality tournaments to our players. The BCSWTA wanted to secure sponsors who supported our goals & objectives, and who could greatly benefit from an association with our organization.

Sponsors help our tournaments in a number of ways. Our events have fixed expenses that are often not totally covered by the entry fee: court rentals, tennis balls, sanctioning fees, trophies and administration costs. By securing sponsors, the BCSWTA has been able to create a website, create promotional posters & e-blasts, provide better player prizes, player gift bags, treats, volunteer gifts & social events. These special ‘extras’ help create a higher profile in the marketplace for our tournaments, which result in larger number of registrants.

In turn, sponsors are provided direct exposure to their prime target audience in a number of ways that will benefit them.

If you know a company that would like to promote their product & connect with the BCSWTA, please suggest them for one of our upcoming events.

Cash or In Kind Sponsorships – Gift Bag Samples – Door Prizes

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