Volunteer Award donated by Dorothy Amor in 1997 is presented at the Annual General Meeting and is awarded to a member;

  • who has not only contributed to BCSWTA but to the tennis community at large.
  • who has a love for and devotion to the game and is an ambassador for the sport of tennis.

1997 Rose Sauer
1998 Cheryl Miller
1999 Pauline Blann
2000 Sheila Kerin
2001 Sonja Young
2002 Anne Pattie
2003 Glenys Wall
2004 Diana Pallot
2005 Jacquie Rudd
2006 Janice Holloway

2007 Lesley Cole
2008 Lynne Cowan
2009 Mary Hutchinson
2010 Rick Paradis
2010 Glen Baird
2011 Jandi Fraser
2012 Cora Wills
2013 Janice Clark
2014 Sherry Buller
2015 Carol Pedlar

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