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In 1988 Lee Dobson and Donna-Faye Madhosingh invited all women members of Tennis BC, age 35 and over, to attend a meeting held at Vancouver Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club. The group nominated and selected an executive, which would act for all senior women players in co-operation with Tennis BC. The first executive committee included Lee Dobson, President; Donna-Faye Madhosingh, Vice President; Pat Runge, Secretary; Bo Kwan, Treasurer; and Marilyn Hermansen, Communications/Membership.


BC Senior Women’s Tennis Association (BCSWTA) was created over 30 years ago by a group of women, for women, to foster and share their love for tennis.  We are volunteers who give our time to create a competitive tennis platform based on camaraderie and support for one another.


The mandate of the BCSWTA’s Volunteer Committee is to provide a consistent standard of excellence for all our tournaments and in return, we expect our members to treat each other with respect and to abide by a code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

Players are to act in accordance with the BCSWTA mandate.  As such, players or any persons associated with a player (i.e.: friends or family) are expected to give due respect to the host clubs, their members, officials, other players and any other person associated with the tournament or BCSWTA.

Players are expected to know and understand the Tennis Canada Rules of the Court and Tennis BC’s Code of Conduct.

Misconduct, whether on or off the court, will result in penalties against the Player.  Such misconduct will be determined by the BCSWTA’s Committee at its sole discretion.

1. The first breach of the BCSWTA Mandate/Code of Conduct will result in a written warning.
2. The second breach will result in a 1 year suspension from all BCSWTA Tournaments
3. The third breach may result in a life-time ban from BCSWTA Tournaments

Get to Know Our Executive Committee

  • Marlene Hecker
    Marlene Hecker Treasurer / Past President
  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan President / Tournament Director
  • Julie Reynolds
    Julie Reynolds Sponsorship & Marketing
  • Leslie Van Santen
    Leslie Van Santen Past President
  • Kris Kim
    Kris Kim Vice President / Tournament Director

Learn more about…

  • Rankings

    To be eligible for a year-end ranking, a player must be a current member of Tennis BC and be a resident of British Columbia.

  • Awards

    Volunteer Award donated by Dorothy Amor in 1997 is presented at the Annual General Meeting and is awarded to a member

  • International Teams

    Each year Tennis Canada enters and supports teams in Senior International Team Competitions. Selection to these teams is based on Canadian Rankings.

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